With EU membership assention in July 2013 you will find a country steeped in culture and history with stunning natural beauty inhabited by friendly hospitable people providing all the modern convenience a discerning traveller could ask for. Situated diagonally across from the boot of Italy in the Adriatic sea Croatia is a taste of Europe as it was centuries ago. Croatia boasts with 1800km of mainland coastline and including the 1180 islands in excess of 6000km of untouched pristine coastline. Add to this the natural ragged indented nature of the coast and island shores then you start to understand how there can be an almost limitless number of coves and bays with a stunning beauty each of it's own. The combination of these facts together with Croatia's ability to integrate a feeling of untouched old world majesty with modern amenities and services makes it a world class destination. The European Travel Agent and Tour Operators Association have voted Croatia as the preferred destination for 2011/2012.

Korčula island map



Korčula Old Town is the centre piece of Korčula Island where you enter into a 14th century walled slice of history known as 'Little Dubrovnik' and the birthplace or the worlds most famous traveller Marco Polo. Nowhere else will you find a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is perennially inhabited and fully functional with restaurants, cafes, shops and galleries to cater to all tastes. Korčula town is frequented by locals and tourists alike creating a unique vibrant and fun atmosphere set in such a historical location. It is often referred to as museum with a pulse, attend the historical Moreska or sword dance that it is the only such remaining performance using real swords. In Korčula Old Town the dining experience is classic Mediterranean with a touch of Eastern European cuisine. Further along Kočula many of the secluded bays have restaurants and bars offering a choice of ambiance with the local fisherman's daily catch being prepared for you straight from the boat.

The British Observer magazine has recently placed Kočula under the top ten islands of the world and if you consider the list of celebrities such as Roman Abramovic, John Malcovic, Tom Cruise, Bill Gates, Madonna, Gwenneth Paltrow, Steven Spielberg and many more that frequent the area you will have more than enough endorsement.

For the more active there are many opportunities and possibilities. The majority of activities on Korčula are water sports based with mountain biking, cycling and hiking being your on land choices. Wind surfing and sailing classes and rentals are abundant and you can join the hundreds of bright triangles on the water having fun every day. The nature of the coastline provides excellent diving sites which are becoming very popular. If these are too energetic for you then join the locals on their fishing trips or simply relax in the sun in one of the many little coves and bays. All beaches are public and you are welcome everywhere. In case you seek a bit of adventure you can charter a yacht, sail boat or almost any other vessel imaginable. They will pick you up within walking distance from your apartment or villa and take you from island to island along the Dalmatian coast for your own odyssey. 

The Dalmatian Adriatic has always been and still is a sailors paradise. Once you have entered Croatian waters you can visit hundreds of islands, ports or bays. It is quite common to have dolphins escorting you on your voyage. You can either go to your berth in the well protected local marina or simply put down anchor in one of the many bays and coves and sample the local fair. Within reason you are free to have your own modern adventure, sailing as much or as little as you decide every day.

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